My youngest brother likes buying games and he passed me this to play with my kids.

It's quite easy to pick up, but the youngest is a sore loser haha. Had to let him win. And then after that he didn't want to play anymore. πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

When I first saw it on my Facebook feed I thought it was one of those satirical trailers. But it's a real movie?!!!!

(Watched it on mute but with subtitles on so I'm not sure what the vibe is supposed to be? Depressing? Uplifting? Creepy night nanny?)

But I love Charlize Theron she's so beautiful…maybe I'll drag The Husband to watch it, but but, why do I want to relive those years???πŸ˜‚

#dayremummies if anyone watches it please review!

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