Term 2 week 1 is over. It's been a struggle getting them back to school – even though we stay near(ish) waking up at 6am is a torture. 😭 what can I say? We're just not morning people…except the Husband.

Now it's Saturday and I'm so sleepy at 11am and I just want to nap but can't because my MIL is cooking at my place and I can't be the lazy DIL who swans off to do my own thing and leave her to slog haha. So I have to 忍!

And drink tea…

*slurp* this is what my MIL was cooking today – pork trotters! I love the sauce but not the fatty parts. This was my favorite during confinement but for obvious reasons we can't eat it daily 😅

Wish I could cook like her, but it would take a lot of discipline and hard work so er…not now

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