kid books, life and death

Borrowed this title from the library yesterday. I liked the illustrations and the clean look of the book. I thought it would be a sweet book about a boy playing with his grandfather, maybe a guessing game etc. Didn't bother flipping through it because I was with No2 and we were in a hurry.


It starts off with
"Grandpa died the other day."


So "what happens next" is actually the grandpa's thoughts about life after death.


I'm a Christian, so I believe that after we die we will go to Heaven and meet with Jesus.

So while looking through the book with the youngest, I had to keep reiterating what the Bible says about death and heaven.

Good thing he can't read ha

This comes from a Buddhist? Shinto? perspective. It talks about reincarnation (the grandpa imagines a "rebirth centre") and what things he will be happy to be "reborn as".

He also talks about meeting gods and what he would do with them, and how Heaven will be like.

This part made me tear. We will indeed be reunited with our loved ones in heaven. And meantime on earth we must spread the gospel so that nobody will be outside the kingdom of God.

Hell is a terrible place. It won't be just discomfort, but eternal torment.

All in all, it was a good book to spark a conversation about death and heaven with my youngest. I'm glad he could tell me what heaven would be like "GOLD!" and that we wouldn't need to bring anything with us because we would have perfect bodies and no more tears.

And it also serves as a reminder to me that I need to teach my children about what the Bible says, so that they won't go looking for answers elsewhere.

We are their guide and God's word our light!

But I will DEFINITELY flip though the books before borrowing them next time πŸ˜‚

#dayrereads #dayremummies #faith

Another book I got was "The Big Adventure of a Little Line" by Serge Bloch.

This is more whimsical and about a boy and a red line he finds on the street one day.

It accompanies him throughout his life and goes on adventures with him. At the end, he snips off a little bit of it and leaves it on the road for others to find.

Once again I think this book is about "LIFE" (cue deep voice saying it with expression)

Is this red line the "纒线” that Chinese believe is our life line? And as we grow older, it gets longer but also there is a time to let go?

The book ends with a picture of the girl and the red line drawn by a pen.

I feel like this has some "deeper meaning".

Sigh all these books by non English writers are so deep and give me a headache.

At least the boy just listened, laughed at funny bits and then wandered off to do his own thing.

I'm still here thinking too much about kid's books…

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