Toilet windows are changed!
The condo management is super particular and if you change the windows you diedie have to follow their design.

So it's louvers for toilets which looks super weird with the existing grilles. Hopefully when the grills are painted properly it will look better.


The other windows facing the corridor has to be sliding windows. Also white.
And tinted green glass. Why???


Our lights are up!
My house is super bright now.
We decided to go with white lights this time round to save our eyes. Yellow is nice and warm and intimate but very hard to read with…

LASIK very expensive hahahaha. Gotta protect their eyes and let them read under good lighting.

Once again Didi is up to some nonsense sweeping the floor. When we came by he asked, "Can we help the uncles paint?"

The old windows with the new grilles. These face outwards so the view is great. Didn't change these cos no budget plus the contractors seemed a bit reluctant. It's really high up and the windows are so big…

Can't wait to see the fans up and the carpentry done! Hopefully we can move in mid dec and ikea-fy our house.


The toilet windows from inside.

The windows stretch beyond the false feeling. Weird right?! I asked if I could keep them but the old ones were quite rusty so can't.

And I have to keep the false celling because I want downlights and the water heater is nicely concealed inside.

So this is the compromise.

Keeping their exhaust fan too. I'm not going to look up when I bathe…

Year end party for no2 and no3!

No2 looks happy here but she was actually quite emo cos she wasn't sitting with her friends.

Didi got an award.

For obedience. I laugh until I cry inside but I still took the picture.

Party time=games. They let the k1 students hold hands and form a circle and the PN students weave in and outs

Meantime the k2 and n students just stone there haha.

Now k2's turn!

So cute lah Didi and his partner! She's so sweet and they both wore their concert outfits so they were matching.

See how closely he's standing to her….

They've been attending Chinese Kindy all these years. It's a cosy kindergarten and the teachers and helpers are all v loving.

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