End year party for no1! They were v enterprising and asked for a pizza party.

So the teacher sent an email to us and the parents had to scramble to contribute food items.

I thought it was really funny that for the 2 years the children were in the same class, we NEVER had a group chat. And the 2nd last day of sch, we finally formed a group chat about food. These are my kind of people! #priorities

In contrast, no2's sch already had a group chat formed before they even enter p1 hahahaha

Went to a friend's house for play date and saw 3 dogs! They were just chilling and looking so cool. I wonder if they are fed cos they def look healthy and not scrawny at all.

Has anyone tried this laundry service before? It's an app and they have quite a good discount now. Want to dry clean some stuff and I'm too lazy to send to the shop…

Anyway my carpenter sent us modified drawings for our tv console area.

I would say we're quite chincai; we actually asked for the tall cabinet to be spilt equally into 4 sections but he said it wouldn't look nice so we just went with his recommendation.

I have no idea how it will look like cos I'm more of a language than visual person – but as long as it holds my tv and stuff it's good!

The only thing I asked was to have a rounded edge for the corner because I am a klutz and keep bumping into my furniture.

So this is how it looks like curved!

My kitchen side cabinet! Lots of drawers yay.

Not blum but my husband says this is quite strong looking. Shall believe the engineer!

I *think* this is the laminate for the kitchen.

Our wardrobe for didi's room!

Other part of the wardrobe.

I wonder if I should have asked for a diff laminate instead of white inside but nevermind. Must be practical white easier to spot dust and clean.

Have NO idea what this is? Toilet? Tv console? Or just some random laminate he wants to show us?

They're gonna install the cabinets on sat hooray! Shall go at night to check it out!



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