Friday is not friyay today; it's more like frinay

Bite sized assessment for term 3. I thought this term is all fun and games but there's still lots of work…

Poor kids!

Didn't feel like cooking, so we went out for dinner.

Went to Yayoi at 100AM for dinner. This is the unagi don (20?)

Ginger pork set (16 cos I upgraded the rice to 16 grain rice)

The Husband says we can do this at home 🙄

I agree actually haha.

Ala carte beef slices (22?). There's wasabi in the radish and the sweet potato's quite nice

Mackerel set (13) for the Husband. Ok according to him.

The good thing about Yayoi is that the rice is free flow, so the kids could eat to their heart's content!

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