Exciting day! I'm a parent volunteer at no1's learning journey!

This would not be possible without The Husband, because I leave before no2&3 goes to school, and come home after they return from school.

So he had to take leave to facilitate my volunteerism….but it's ok, because no1 was SO HAPPY I was coming.

When I asked her what my duties were she said, "Buckle our seat belts."


On the bus

Listening to Mr Thomas

This is a hotel which used to be an opera house!

Snack break! The kids were so tired after half an hour…

This boy deliberately gave me an ugly pose…

Useful for people who want to order kopi

Actually this is Sago Street.

Temple along Telok Ayer

We saw a procession along the way! Think it was Mazu coming to visit Singapore.


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