We attended a wedding Saturday morning. The couple dated for 9 years before they got married wow!

Swimming in the evening. They never get tired of playing together.

Saw a rainbow! There was a fainter rainbow at the edge.

Met up with Godma for dinner!

Bowling for the men.

Kids do crafting and mad playing.

No cool crafts cos my friend couldn't come and I only had crayons with me…

Jump jump jump!

Sunday no1 attended her friend's birthday party! It was a baking party and she said, "This is the best party ever!" Repeatedly.

I have no crafty skills and reading this diagram is giving me a major headache!!!

No2 got a daiso animal beading kit as part of a birthday favor and she wants to do it so I'm researching YouTube and anything that helps me understand it. The guy said it would take around 2 to 3 hours sounds quite torturous…

At least there's YouTube to refer to; these instructions don't make sense to me at all!

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