Road trip to Hakodate- we stopped by Funkawan Bay Panorama Park for the kids to go wild at the indoor playground.

It's fantastic! Big and clean and loads of stuff for them to play.

They have a preschool corner cordoned off too.

This is a ball pit in a net suspended on the 2nd storey. You can look down and watch children playing.

While they were playing, I bought an ice cream and enjoyed the view of the ocean.

It was clear but cold.

We went to an Italian restaurant for lunch.

Hungry campers

Hamburg! It was very tomato-y

I chose this restaurant because they had an English write up but the menu was all in Japanese.

Thankfully the owner was very friendly and showed us pictures of his food so we could choose…

Spot the jack o lanterns!

Reached Super Hakodate at about 4ish! It's about 10 minutes away from Hakodate station/ morning market etc.

But it's very very tiny.

Since it wasn't rainy we wasted no time and decided to go visit the mountain.

Taking pictures to pass the time

And we're up! The view was lovely.

Pacific Ocean.

Hakodate was/is a busy port.

Ahma and her grandchildren

Setting sun

Trying to take a solo shot but crazy wind= crazy hair = crazy person

How to photoshop away the crazy hair???

Stamped their stamp and took a photo of it because I was afraid I'll lose the actual paper.

True enough it has disappeared into the abyss of nothingness.

The night view of Hakodate is apparently has some 3 star Michelin rating and so the Husband was determined to stay up there to see it.

The children were well entertained st the souvenir shop. This magnetic toy is really fun!

We spent almost 1.5 hours waiting for a table at the restaurant. If not for this toy the wait would have been more painful.

As it was it was TORTURE cos we were hungry but people were just lingering at the restarting refusing to leave until they saw the view…


So hungry we over ordered. Most expensive meal ever because of the scenery.

I told the Husband eh this looks like Sg at night and he 🙄🙄🙄

After 10 minutes of night view it started to rain…

The view was totally obscured and worst of all, the ropeway was closed! We had a choice of waiting for it to reopen or take the bus down.

We opted to just wait it out because the ride down would take 30 minutes and the winds were howling and it looked all round dangerous.

Thankfully after 40 minutes it reopened and we all got down safely. Heard lots of Sgporeans talking while we were there!

It was wet and rainy on Saturday and everywhere was cold. Felt so sian cos the hotel room was so tiny and there was nothing to do.
Fortunately the concierge told us there was an indoor kids playground nearby. So we went to check it out!

It's called Hakodate Kids plaza. 300yen for kids 6 months and above, 100yen for adults.

We bought a combined ticket for the museums. Quite worth it!

Playground layout

Rock wall

Love the all white clean aesthetic

Super fun net/hammock thing


Snakey tunnel

Fun blocks

Interactive screen

Kitchen area

Fun fishing puzzle.

Love all the books!

They had a quiet and serene area for babies.

Made entirely out of pegs! There are 10000 pegs for you to create to your heart's content

Media wall

Pegs galore

Some electronic floor. It changes to an aerial view of Hakodate too

3D cinema

In the afternoon the skies cleared so we went to the park!

The children were zonked out by this time and kept complaining so we only went for 40 minutes…

Super clear skies!

Magistrates hall

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