View of Lake Toya. It was grey and gloomy and slightly drizzly when we arrived in the afternoon:

Stoned in the hotel, tried the onsen and then went for dinner. Even though it's a tourist destination it's very quiet at night. Around our hotel we had 3 choices: this, a sushi place and another bar place.

The sushi place looked the most traditional but it didn't have any cooked food so we ate yakitori instead.

Waiting for food…we were cold and hungry!

It was a very small joint and there were only locals inside. The guy in the white vest is the boss I think. He didn't speak much English but he also whipped out his smartphone and used google translate with us.

Their menu!
No prices but we just ordered. Had some chicken, fish, onigiri and pork? And a random pepper dish could we needed our veg!

The chicken was FANTASTIC. We ordered 4 pieces and then asked for 6 more.

It was simply marinated with salt and pepper but it was so juicy and sweet and the onions were slightly caramalized and went so well.

But the kids only ate the chicken so the adults had to eat all the onions…

Their handburger rice ball!

The oldest mangled it cos she wanted to eat it with the chicken.

In summer, Lake Toya has a fireworks display at 845pm every night. We went to see but it was rainy and the kids were cold. In the end after a few bursts we left….

It's really pretty and they set it off on a boat so you can see the fireworks at different places.

The next day we went to Mount Uzu.

It was cold and rainy but the kids were excitedly taking pictures with the cutouts.

Decided to take the Usuzan Ropeway to the top anyway because the kids were excited about the cable car.

TIP: Get a discount with leaflets available at the hotel lobby. It's about 200-300yen cheaper per pax.

TIP: If its cloudy at the bottom, its rainy at the top…

The ropeway! It looks old and ancient but it can take 106 people a ride.

Excited to be going up!

Sadly this was what greeted us at the top. Foggy is fine, but as we walked further it started raining heavily.


In the end we stayed up there for about half an hour watching a video about volcanoes and evacuation procedures and volcano meisters.

It's interesting to note that the last eruption was in 2000. The kids got scared and kept wanting to leave because they thought the volcano would be erupting anytime. 🙄

I can't imagine staying in the shadow of a volcano. You can lose all your possessions and home in a blink of an eye.

All the mist and fog. This is from the mini volcano.

Trying to do a jump shot hahaha.

Requisite family shot with junior volcano.

After the volcano visit we went to Lake Hill farm for lunch!

Their beef curry rice! Quite ok but there were only 2 miniscule pieces of meat…about 800yen I think.

Happy to be eating their pizza.

I've never eaten so much pizza during a holiday…these kids are so picky we can't eat our usual ramen/sushi stuff.

Sigh nevermind Hokkaido's milk and cheese are supposed to be the highlight of our trip!

Kids posing anywhere and everywhere.

Met up with the BIL and everyone was happy!

Beautiful view while having lunch.

It was so blustery and cold outside though. Felt like gale force winds to me!

It will be a great place to hang out in warmer days though!

They have lots of sport equipment for kids to use!

This didi took a baseball bat and kept bugging me to throw the ball for him.

Then asked me to hold the freezing cold bat.

You can feed rabbits too! They were really hungry must be the cold. The kids were thrilled but we had to chase them back cos it started drizzling again…

"Play with me mummy!"

Go play with your sister please. THATS WHY I HAD MORE THAN 1 KID YOU KNOW

Hello pony!

Even though it was cold, I couldn't pass on gelato.

1 scoop was 170yen, 2 for 280.

The kids tried cookies and cream and we had a milk. Pretty good!

Came back to our futons nicely laid out!

Actually we were supposed to lay them out ourselves cos we opted for the self service discount (160 per pax) but I think the lady felt sorry for our haphazard placement and did it for us

Dinner was at this place. Their cakes look so delicious!


I think the food was ok. Nice variety with noodles, rice and sashimi.

Unagi don.

Soba with tempura

I think we chose this place mainly because of the view.

It closes at 8 though and last order is 630.

The view. WHY SO CLOUDY ):

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