Saw pictures of the Princess climbing the Dune with her class…they even went down to the other side which I have never done because it's so tiring!

Kudos to the teachers and volunteers who went with all the kids just look at them!

Their view from the top. I wonder how long it took them to climb? It's really steep and I'm super winded after going up. I guess the most important is not to stop but keep going!

Bored while feeding didi, so took a picture of him in his vehicle onesie. I suppose it's good that he's a boy because I don't have to keep looking at shades of red and pink all the time 😂

But their clothes have very limited motifs and design…if it's not vehicles it's animals! I must look out for Ang Ang clothes this summer sale for his CNY outfit next year!

Super delicious chocolate muffins….and its because I used Lindt baking chocolate which has some cocoa nibs for crunch. I baked 24 and there are only 4 left 😭😭😭


Today's OOTD! Both from grandma hence the frills and bling!
Need to work on their posing haha! We walked home from school because the road works were ongoing and it was nice to stroll home. Thankfully it wasn't too scorching and they were cooperative. Will try it again tomorrow it's one way for me to burn some calories…

Mustn't forget didi who cooperated too by sitting quietly in the pram. Probably too dazed by the heat.

Thank you Jakey!! The Queen was super excited with her parcel! All the things inside are wonderful, especially your doodle! She's busy drawing inside the notebook now…and ignoring her dinner!

The Princess was feeling sad so her jiejie reluctantly shared the pen with her. It's very funky cos it lights up when you write!
#dayrekidshappymail is a success in our family ((:

The Husband is very amused he thinks it's an excuse for mothers to spend money and #buybuybuy well he's right!


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