It's Monday again and the days are Zooming by! Weather is nice and hot and everything feels filled with promise.

This week I shall focus on:

Getting rid of books (ok probably packing them up nicely)
Cooking with whatever ingredients I can find in the fridge (no more trying recipes where I have to specially buy stuff)
Eating healthily (finish the fruit!! And stop buying baguettes…)

Verse of the day! The sunset because my days here are ending, and I must be more conscious of how I spend my time…less social media, more socializing with my family.

This is the first time I've read about breast storage capacity! Super fascinating! They use ultrasound to find out the number of milk ducts a woman has an it varies too.

The writer goes on to say if you have smaller capacity than your baby will have to nurse more, and that's that. So it's not just the baby's stomach, but also the production capacity of the mon as well.

The queen's OOTD!

Sunnies free from Lindt chocolate
Ah go go dress from grandma
Sandals from Auchan
Sass all her own!

Today the Princess was more subdued. Her freebie sunglasses broke so she's wearing the freebie NDP hat instead. It's super useful for summer here funny how nobody wears hats in Sg when it's so hot!

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