Unglam picture of my loot at the local supermarket…clothes are marked down to 70% off so #buybuybuy! Kids clothes are soso but I got some tshirts for the girls so that they can be comfy in summer heat.

Still admiring her postcard @yameanoda! Super happy although she has no idea why jake wants to send her gifts. Hmm it is hard to explain but must do so if not she'll think gifts appear randomly as and when!

Sleeping baby! Petit bateau but the supermarket version haha! the cutting is really small he's only 9 plus kg at 13 months and it's bursting…

Looking at my whatsapp chat group and learning from the experts…but must remember to buy what is necessary and not get caught up in the discount madness…

But but but its so cheap! Sigh this is the contradiction in me; I love a good bargain but I also want a minimalist lifestyle…

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