Fans are up! In this rainy season the house feels arctic

The girls' room. The fan is not balanced though keeps going creak creak creak…

Boy's room. Cupboard halfway done. Good thing we chose a light laminate because it feels so small now!

And I still want to put up a world map wall paper don't know how that will pan out…

Kitchen cabinets are up!

I hope this is not the finished product cannot take the gap in between…

While we were checking out the house, I was kaypohing the other units along my corridor and I've come to the conclusion that…

They're all rented out to students. Like the unit next to mine, the door is always open and the living room is walled into 2 units…

So we'll be the only noisy family there oops. Let's hope they'll be friendly! #dayrehomes

Reading this on overdrive and it's quite an eye opener!

I think Asians generally value paper qualifications more, and the Chinese bring this to a whole new level.

The writer who is ABC enrolled her son in a uber prestigious kindergarten in Chinese then gets emo when her child can't fit in. But you have to take it with a pinch of salt, because she is related to Zhu Rongji (she namedrops like mad haha) so she's not some average jane…

Anyway, it's the education arms race upsized. At least she acknowledges that if she enrolled her son Rainey in the school she has to accept their methods (which are a little extreme to me…)

Eg all the children are ranked, they must sit up straight, they must color/write in predetermined ways.

And they are tested like crazy!

How do we fit in the system but not get caught up in it? I'm still trying to find an answer…


Ice cream at Ikea!

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