Lelong lelong! Decided to sell my girl's readers because let's face it, I'm not going to reread these to her anymore.

Rigby Star Readers plus Marshall Cavendish chinese readers.

These can be used at Chinese Kindergarten and some other kindergartens too.

Cheaper price for dayre readers hahaha. #buybuybuy

Chinese readers. Level 2
Selling whole set for $5

Level 3. Whole set selling $5


Level 1. $5 RESERVED

Rigby Star Readers. Nursery level whole set $12 RESERVED

K2 level whole set $10 RESERVED

K1 level whole set $12 RESERVED

Super cute blocks! Just dug this out from my ECC 17 stash to entertain fighting kids.

They built it, tossed it around a few times then ran away. But I love it!

Lion! I wish I could read the Tamil words!!

Sorry I really don't know where else to get it; they really should sell these!

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