It's Monday! Everyone is back to school and I'm ready to plan for activities for the week ahead.

Just gotta churn out meal plans and I'll be set!

No2 spent a lot of time meticulously coloring her drawing. This is her pet heart apparently!

Love how they express themselves I foresee an ice cream treat soon!

Meanwhile I saw a crumpled piece of paper something back and when I smoothed it out this was what greeted me. It's titled "A Magical Surprise – a heartwarming comic"

I love how hair is just 2 antenna like strands.

Look at all the hearts!

Awww so sad

What happens next?!?

She never finished this comic maybe she ran out of inspiration?

Or maybe I told her to go and do her homework or something…

Childhood is fleeting but so is homework time.

NDP events for family! I think this will be great for those who like outdoor action, but also a little shade

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