At their kindy celebration!

Spot Didi standing in front leading the kids in singing the national anthem!

The Husband thinks he was chosen only because I was there and the teacher knows I'm a "son lover" 🙄🙄🙄


The school organized a carnival and open house this year. They had 6 game stations manned by parent volunteers and everything was very fun! This was a make your own boat station. Didi obviously doesn't know how to sail a boat…

Throwing competition. They even had prizes for everyone!

The gym teachers also set up a mini obstacle course. It was very scary watching them do a forward roll down an incline; I suppose the position makes it easier for them to roll but then they look like they roll so fast…

The teachers also displayed lots of their artwork. This was no2's!

They had 4 cultural galleries – Malay, chinese, Indian and Eurasian. This was in the Eurasian gallery (maybe cos of Christmas??)

Good craft ideas!

Indian gallery – so cute the peacock!

Also Indian cos they like elephants!

Chinese attire printed and cut by Didi

Fan and ball. I thought the ball was made by the students but no2 said impatiently, "No mom it's just a decoration! I made the fan!"

Hahaha I have too high expectations for their art!

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