Super tired from the weekend. I was dreaming when the alarm went off and it rang for like 4 minutes before I realized it wasn't my imagination.

The children were quite cooperative today so thank God. Now cooking macaroni for lunch and waiting for my MIL to come and cook dinner.

Back and playing with Sunday school craft.

Packed up this eyesore. This is a tiny fraction of the books in my house…there are books in the storeroom, books in the living room, books in the bedroom, books EVERYWHERE.

I honestly don't think they've seen 10% of what I have. My own books are haphazardly dumped all over the place thank God for NLB overdrive so I don't add to the piles! But I really love books and I don't believe in Ebooks for kids so just endure.

The younger children got these from Sunday school yesterday. Usually we chuck them to one side or er…toss them but I decided to just try making them today.

It was so difficult lah!!! The tabs are very fiddly and I used a glue stick which was totally useless. Then I try a glue gun but it dried before sticking together. Finally I used white glue which was slow enough to stick properly.

Gonna keep them to remind myself not to have itchy fingers again…unless I have lots of time haha.

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