At church today! I love SZ she has such a way with children I could slip off and listen to the service thanks to her.

Went for No2's classmate's party. At Chinese Swimming Club it's a really nice place with lots of swimming pools.

So hot but I was sitting in the shade. There was only 1 adult in the pool and he was in charge of games. I was telling the mum that her husband is v zai and she agreed saying that he's very chill.

Ok lah don't need much supervision except for didi who was the shortest and only one who couldn't touch the floor.

Grab is really good at capturing business.

They had take 1 ride get 5 off next 7 rides (no promo code needed).

They also have a 1010 for grabtaxi which is 7 off each ride.

Lastly they have a Save8 for 2nd ride of the day.

Being super calculative I figured the first promo would save me the most haha. I saved 20! (Vs $16 if I took the last option.)

But no more grabs cos it's back to school and all walking here and there…

GRRRRRR. So what? Must I stay at home at certain timings because I shouldn't feed my child outside????

This is crazy just let moms go outside and live their lives. I prefer to see someone breastfeeding then someone picking their nose or scratching their privates. If you see someone feeding JUST.LOOK.AWAY


(Source: Kristina Kuzmic youtube)
People should just totally call out double standards. If we can have triumph ads in the local paper and people walking around in super short shorts revealing their buttcheeks and nobody takes photos to stomp them then don't take pictures of mothers feeding. 😡

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