Just did a YouTube workout by this person called Millionaire Hoy. It's supposed to be low impact and not so "siong" cos the guy claimed he just recovered from stomach flu and needs to take it slow.

If he's like this on a slow day I think I will never be able to do his "crazy 10 minute workouts".

I spent maybe half the time panting away and trying to coordinate my very uncoordinated hands and legs.

🐢speed 😂

Said workout. He goes super fast lah! Like his jumps are really 1 per second?

But I suppose the beauty of YouTube is you can pause, go back and see what you're supposed to do!

Also I like this cos there's a timer at the top left hand corner, time left for each exercise on the bottom left and modifications at top right. So very informative and I don't have to wonder how much more agony there is…


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