Today we're going for a play date! Hooray more adult company

Volcano slide! No1 was too scared to climb all the way up

Baby area. Quite well inflated bouncy castle and still new.

Trampoline/slide area

Waka waka!

They blend into the playground hahaha taking the jungle/camouflage theme seriously.

This took like 5 minutes of my brain juice to do…

Dinner outside = happy mother.

They were very enthu about ordering but after that didn't eat much. Fortunately I have a father and brother who love steak and chicken…they probably played too much

Fried wings and drum let's. Very crunchy but there's this layer of fat underneath still. I think my MIL's fried chicken wins. Maybe cos she knows how to fry till the chicken is crisp and dry but still moist inside.

A little too fatty but still decent.

And Uber is super cheap this week! $5 off for the first 5 rides this week. I paid 2.90 there and 2.40 back so worth it for all of us!

The Uber uncle was quite interesting he shared that they have this incentive – 65 trips from mon to thurs you get extra $220; 55? Trips fri – sat you get another $220.

Good enough to cover weekly rental! So his tips for hitting 20 trips were

Morning – workers
12-2 CBD area lunch/meeting
3-4 Intl sch students
4-5 teachers
5-9 workers
9-12 pple who go drinking


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