Read this interesting article today. Should you replace the bag? If your child puked on the floor and it seeps and flows towards the back where it stains the passenger's bag?

Hmm I better make sure I use the puke bags when we fly…

1. Child pukes on the floor
2. Puke seeps? And flows towards the back where the lady's LV bag is placed.
3. Lady says puke touched her bag and it needs to be professionally cleaned.
4. Lady says puke smell can't be removed. Wants them to replace the bag (900euro!)

Did some spring cleaning and found moldy playdoh…it's quite pretty photographed though!

The other colors are still fine so I suspect it's didi's grubby fingers that caused the mold. Boys are germy haha

Yay! I suspect the teacher was extremely kind to her cos she says ji fan as ji(1) fan(1)…

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