We had long john's silver yesterday for dinner. Felt so happy while eating it but when we came back we kept gulping water. And this morning I had the runs, so I think that's our quota of LJS for the year…

Never mind there's always macs for fast food fix next time…

Can't wait to sign them up for the holiday art lesson again! There's paw patrol this time I think the girls will be so excited….

My house is an art gallery now.

Dinner tonight! When I was young going to my grandma's on Sunday was the highlight of my week because she would cook "zhu nyok" (Hakka for pork) it was dark and fatty and had mushrooms or water chestnuts.

She tried to teach me, but I didn't know how to cook then and it was all agaration. Now I'm slightly better and I keep experimenting to recreate the taste. One day, I hope I succeed and my children's children will look forward to it!

I suspect hers had lots of fatty pork belly and tons of sugar because there's this caramelised taste to it.

Proust had a thing for madeleines, Rowling and Enid Blyton have fantastic passages about boarding school feasts; mine is dark sauce pork. So prosaic but childhood memories provide the best seasoning!

Food is love.

FREE MONEY! If you haven't downloaded PayLah! you can try it now! Basically it's an ewallet that uses your mobile number for when people want to pay you money. All they need is to open the app, key in your telephone number and tadah! Payment made!

Or when you want to pay people too and don't know their acc numbers.

It's by DBS/POSB so most useful if you have Ibanking with them, but I think if you're with other banks you can sign up too!

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