Today we went to the legoland theme park! So fun!

Perfect for the youngest

And the oldest

Go sit on the zebra!

Hanging out at the top cos there's a fan blowing right at the spot

Musical fountain. Hmm was expecting more

Whee! I think this is in the kingdom area

Lego creations

My worse than a preschooler work

There's a very complicated story to every part of the creation. There are doors, then haunted time, then hoo! Amongst other things

Einstein. I told them to take a photo so that they could get smarter by osmosis.

We are not roller coaster fans…

Such pretty shopping carts. Good thing they just admired it and then went off

Our dinner


Ba kut teh


Coconut butter crab

Kampung chicken

Saw this at Tesco so pretty

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