Day 2 legoland. This is a hotel where the kids outnumber the adults! Bumped into a friend and her family too she's a mother of 3 but still looks 18…

There's a great spread! The nasi Kemal is v tasty but chili is so so. There's prata, porridge and pancakes to cater to every taste! I love the colorful tables and chairs and tableware!

Only thing no bacon 🐷

Went to the water theme park! Here they look so excited but when we went in, no1 didn't want to try anything.

Ok to be fair she was ok with the slides but cos of the water bucket dumping water every few minutes she was scared to go.

Her favorite was the duplo zoo mini slides. Short, slow and silent….

So yes, we shouldn't go water theme parks anytime soon waste money. We were there for max 3 hours?

The Husband tried some adult slides so not so bad…

Because the Husband had to change his Maybank card, we went To City Square to eat and walk around.

Tried Nandos cos I have fond memories of it during my Uni days.

See the sad face behind.

Thankfully she was happy to eat all her chicken.

The fries were a favorite, but the Mediterranean rice is normal fried rice. Chey!

Nandino's (kids meal) quite good value for money. Always good to eat with kids outside can order lots of things to try!

Anyway my emotional mood during holidays always swing from one extreme to the other. Does a family holiday need to be all about kids or myself?
What is the motive for traveling? Like I planned legoland cos I wanted them to enjoy it and they like waterplay, but they didn't enjoy it much except for the baby pool which results in me becoming super impatient.
I could have just saved the $, bring you to Temasek club which has the same thing for free!

So for me, holidays = doing stuff you can't do in Sg, or doing it at a cheaper rate. But on reflection, I should be less kiasu and just enjoy being with my family.
With no house chores to do.

And watch the kids enjoy themselves, even if I find it super childish for them. Take life as it comes rather than have expectations of how they can or should do this/enjoy that.

But all is not lost! I managed to get a 1hr foot massage cos no1 entertained the youngest for me!

This was also only possible because the Maybank queue was nuts. According to the Husband, he had to Q to get a form, Q to submit the form, Q to verify his documents and finally Q to get the card done.

We also shared Auntie Anne's while waiting for him…it was only when we finished and were bored that I started the massage…

Didi pretending to be a masseuse haha! 55rm/hr I think he can only earn 5 cos he got bored after awhile.

If you're wondering, no2 was with her daddy cos I erm, scolded her for peeing on me while using the squatting toilet.

If we want to go Malaysia regularly they definitely have to learn how to do the Asian squat…

We also ate mango dessert from Hui Lau Shan! This city square mall is good has all the food places I like!


Reality. Still tasty, just a little tiny.

The original mango purée thing is still the best. It had funny pearls inside which were meh though.

Rounded off our time at the arcade.
2rm for 3 kids very worth it! And they also had this little play area which was 5rm for 30 minutes. The children enjoyed the ball pit (germs alert eek) and there was this transparent inflatable tube which you could roll about inside.

I think next time can deposit them here with the Husband and do full body massage yay!

The Husband did the drum game and I tried the para para dance machine. It was a good workout for this extremely unfit and uncoordinated auntie…

About 20 years too late but at least I've finally tried it haha! I remember seeing the happening kids with their cross country/alien jeans trying it at cineleisure orchard eons ago. They did it without looking down or breaking a sweat! Sweet youth…

We have an upcoming holiday in December and I must tone down my expectations. I was originally planning to ski but I guess I'll have to wait a few more years till the children are more independent and/or adventurous.


And I shall really focus on the good part about holidays, i.e. Freedom from housework, schoolwork and routines.

Maybe just 1 victory a day, like going to the mall or not being grouchy…

After all as the children grow older they won't want to travel with us anymore. Then they'll prefer their friends cos there's no mummy to growl at them and force them to do things they don't like 😅

I suspect no1 will be a true homebody though; she really reminds me of my oldest brother. It's a gentle temperament which dislikes unnecessary excitement.

No2 is more of a spitfire and drama queen like me…

No3? Still a mystery.

Isn't it interesting how 3 kids growing in the same environment and interacting with the same people daily can be so different?

Was it 胎教?

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