Every time we go on holiday, I always tell myself no more traveling till the kids are X years old! But the Husband is bitten by the travel bug and he wants to plan for the next break already.

Ok but I must say this trip was pretty enjoyable. There are good and bad times so I shall highlight the…highlights!

First is my MIL traveling with us. It really helps to have an extra adult, and she was great with the kids.

Sometimes they enjoyed themselves, even though we had to referee them like every 5 seconds.

Stayed at Holiday Inn cos the kids associate this with holidays.
It's quite out of the way but very near the zoo! Which I had fond fond memories of from my visit 3 years ago.

If you look closely, the dots in the river are people fishing. So funny to see them just standing around.

The kids enjoyed watching tv the best.

This was one of those deceptive photos. The zoo was such a let down cos of the weather!

We took a bus back and it has charging points in front. So cool!

Other than the zoo, we went to the 深坑老街 to try their tofu and saw this fufa shoe shop which had such comfy shoes! They were very affordable 490twd so we all bought a pair each!

Check out the Princess wearing matching shoes with her grandma! The Queen had a pair too in a different design but she wasn't as enthu about wearing it.

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