Wow there are Facebook groups for people looking for maids!

This seems too good to be true! Are there live out maids already? Is she moonlighting?

And also the rate for an Indian maid is 400?! Why the vast difference??

Trying out an açai bowl for lunch today. Feel so hipster but v painful on the wallet. This is 7.90 for a medium bowl and it's ok filling….but like chicken rice costs max 5?

Never mind I shall see it as an investment on my health! Wonder if I can make it at home…gotta find the açai fruit though!

Just caught an episode of Food Detectives which was talking about left overs. The host is very OTT but the topics are very interesting! For example today they invited a chef to come and create new dishes from leftovers.
He made fried rice with leftover rice, mayo and half a sandwich; French toast with leftover egg yolks, bread and fruit salad and lastly, cottage pie from leftover baked potato, veggie and burger!

Only thing it wasn't chinese food, which is what I cook most often.

I like these zany but informative shows as compared to dramas as i grow older…maybe cos I don't have the patience to sit through 12-13 hours and I'd rather learn something "useful". Or maybe it's the smart phone addiction talking, cos I no longer have the patience to flip books.

But I still read ebooks though, does that count?

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