Went to exercise (finally!) I think I appreciate the time to just watch drama most haha.

One more session left must treasure!

Went to the Queen's school this evening for ptm (parent teacher meeting). It was really interesting to see her class and meet her friends!

What they're learning….

Can I say I'm super impressed?!?!? That's drawn by a 7 year old???

And the writing is better than a lot of 15 year olds I used to mark (and tear my hair out trying to decipher their chicken scratching)!!!

Or is my standard really low?

This is what my girl sees everyday heh. I sat at her chair to see the class through her eyes…

She sits right in front which is good! But of course all the parents want their kids in front so the teacher said they'll be rotating their seats every term. So disruptive but it's fairer I guess.

(Taken from Google.com)

@iloveicecream for you!

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