1st child – hover over her, talk and talk and talk, point things out. Spend 1hr at the playground PLAYING

2nd child – do the same, except maybe less time because jiejie is coming home soon and there's a schedule to keep.

3rd child – relax far far away and enjoy the peace. Occasionally say, "let's go! Mummy has to do housework." Then feel guilty and go "ok lah one more time whee" listlessly.

Pancakes for lunch because no1 kept bugging me for them.

A tad salty though because I cut down on the sugar. But quite fluffy.

Ratio of 3/4 cup milk to 1 cup of flour

The OCD in me is cringing at the sticker placement but my son likes it sigh

I'm quite surprised he has the patience for this though. His sisters weren't so interested when they were his age. Guess it's really a monkey see monkey do thing.

This whole week has been rainy, so I didn't bother washing clothes this morning. But as the afternoon progressed the sun grew stronger and I decided to throw caution to the winds and DO THE LAUNDRY.

Now it's 6.06pm and the machine is still running…

夕阳无限好 只是近黄昏……

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