Yesterday I was using the laptop to sign up for piano classes and when I looked at my phone to check the course code, I realised how puny the screen is compared to the computer.

It struck me how similar it is to my current situation. I find it all consuming; the washing, cooking, supervising etc but when I look out of myself my life is very minuscule to the whole world. Some are better off, some are worse off, some are just different.

帮朋友打广告!my friend's shop is doing a preorder for building a snowman playdoh kits! Perfect for Christmas!
Just type "tickle your senses" and you'll get the website!

1st child : planned art time with table, proper art supplies and paper. Every dot and scribble is celebrated, framed and cheered

2nd child : art time occasionally. New crayons and markers because "must be fair"

3rd child : why are you playing with markers??? Aiyah, just draw on this book no paper for you.


Yay! Everyone's sleeping so doing a bit of research for what to do this weekend. There's the SWF going on, and lots of free events for families. I would love to go for the talks, but seriously literature/culture takes a backseat to domestic situations nowadays.

Feel so out of touch with the world now!


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