Went for a walk at my community centre and saw this! It's a sign…

I've been looking at 2nd hand pianos because I want to start the girls on lessons. 2nd hand because I don't want to buy a brand new piano in case they're no interested, and because I like to think I'm helping to save the earth (plus score a deal)

Anyone has any piano Lobangs? I stay HDB so no baby grand haha. Looking for Yamahas because I only know them.

And I'm also wondering if I should get one with the silent system? Does anyone have a silent piano? (Not a clarinova, but an acoustic piano with an electronic system or something…)


Got the booklist for no2 today. Why are readers so expensive?!? 90 for 16 thin books… And 45 for the chinese readers.

Am gonna use carousell to search for sellers. The best would be to approach the older kids but i don't know any of the other parents and I'm shy…

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