Doors came in finally!

I *think* it's not lacquered yet. Chose Nyatoh doors cos I read it was more solid, but this seems more veneer then a solid piece of wood.

Should have just gone with laminate veneer but ok my choice gotta live with it.

Another regret is the door frame color. The white is too yellow and it really ages the whole look. The Husband thinks it's fine and we will stop noticing once we move in…

Will I stop noticing this?!?

But tbh, before this whole Reno if you had asked me what color my door frames were I wouldn't have been able to tell you.

And also I never noticed you could use different colors… so he's right…in the long run.

Random light for Didi's room because the fan light is not bright enough.

Really random because we didn't intend to put anything there, but there was an outlet already so we agreed when the contractor said we should do a light.

Our coil…

I didn't want a round or square light there, but I didn't want a lantern type of light too. So this seemed like the best compromise.

I think my house style is now officially "hodgepodge".

This 😤

When we bought the house, we chuckled over the sign and thought it was very funny.

Yesterday, I finally tore it off and discovered this HOLE behind. Why on earth did they cut out a hole in the tile?!?

And ok we should have torn off the sign much earlier in the Reno journey…

Next time cannot 匆匆买屋子😂

How old the house is – the lock set is super old and we can't find a replacement. Does anyone know where I can find this kind of old school lock set???


Packing is killing me

Everyday I shall use all my half finished bottles of shampoo and body wash. No more buying the sheer amount we have is madness.

Haha at least packing provides me with entertainment like this.

Lots of little scribblings and drawings lying in the drawers.

This is probably her dream. To be a princess and do art everyday.

Need to work on tenses. Cannot mix past and present.

The books nowadays have clubs you can join to get updates and latest news?

I have to tell her they were published a long time ago so they aren't relevant anymore…

Wah this bed very nice… but price also very nice.

1600…hmm maybe next time when they offer to buy it for themselves haha.

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