Finally Friday! Such a cool and rainy morning perfect for lie ins.

Saw this on Facebook and have so many thoughts on it. Go check it out if you haven't; I find CNA insider very useful for thinking about social issues.

Enrichment for 6 year olds

Haha @raisingfaith since u asked I shall spew out!

For the boy, the mom said he had speech delay diagnosed at 2, and he's been attending a playbased child care so she was worried he couldn't keep up with p1 work.


But people were so mean in the comments, said she shouldn't stress the kid, spend so much money and be kiasu, work on her own English etc. Why so mean it's her kid, her time and her money.

All this is based on the short clip that I watched, so it might not be the full picture.

1. Resources. TBH, it is hard to teach your own kid. And if you don't have the time to research it's hard to create resources. Also, the mom's spoken English wasn't very good, so she might have not felt confident enough to teach.

2. Time vs money. I think it's double standards when we use money to make life easier for ourselves. E.g. Food/grocery delivery and then kick up a fuss when others do so.

She mentioned she was running a business and her husband only appeared for a while, so I don't think she has the energy to coach her child.

Also, if you're not an educator and don't know the school syllabus, maybe enrichment centers are the way to go? At least they know what to teach and maybe how best to teach too?

And a lot depends on the tuition centers he goes to. If they're drilling vs teaching them how to learn, what kind of pedagogy they're using, class student ratio etc. Maybe her son likes going for the classes? Maybe he likes to make friends there?

The mom actually answered some of the commentators and said he became more confident and outgoing after attending the classes. And she was very polite, unlike some of the trolls. She mentioned he was bullied in class and he became better after going to the classes.

Some people took offense when she said her son was happy that he knew how to do something his friend didn't. ISNT THAT NORMAL? Why twist something innocent into something cynical?

So if you have $ then use it! Rather than spending on holidays or clothes or food (according to her) she's willing to sacrifice for her son.

I don't agree with beggaring yourself for your kids though; we all have different financial situations/priorities. Since I can't afford all this then I have to think of how to do it myself! But I'm already fortunate in the fact that I have the privilege (or burden depending on my mood haha) of staying at home to bring up my children.

3. How much is too much?

I think commentators focused on the number of classes her son took. Maybe it is too much, but once again, it's her and her son's choice. Perhaps this is just for this few months? Like to get him comfortable with p1 work?

Also, I noticed the schools they filmed her choosing weren't the extremely popular schools. (Or are they?) So I don't think she wants him to be top dog, just a survivor.

So if the boy's not complaining then go for it?

Ultimately, it's the family's decision and it's up to her and her husband to decide what's good for the child.

Which parent wants to hurt their child? Why are we so quick to judge her as kiasu/kiasi if she wants to send her son to so many classes. It's actually quite a big investment on her part too, not just money but time also! Ferrying him here and there takes up her time too! (I'm assuming she does it herself.)

Also, she has only 1 child so probably has the energy/time to do all this.

This is the reality of Singapore's education system. The child has 6 years of primary school before a MAJOR examination which determines his LIFE.

For p1, you can coast, but the learning curve is steep and if you don't have the foundation set properly you will start struggling in p2….let alone p6.

Most schools also start streaming end p2, so it's not a system kind to late bloomers. PSLE prep starts at p5 and the exams test skills, not just book knowledge.

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