Super crowded at the National Gallery. Youth day means everyone wants to use their last holiday to enjoy before going back to the grind…

Usually haunts – enchanted garden

Print making

Coloring her print

The ball place which I can never remember the proper name for. Something about transforming and homogenizing. Be more catchy please.

Ribbons! They cleared all the old ribbons so sad

Changing money! Cash changer is a great tool for checking rates but I think raffles place change arcade still has the best variety of rates, and some have a slight edge. Like the best rate for USD is 1.379 on the website but here is 1.377.

It's only 0.002 cents difference I dunno why I get so uptight about it haha. I only change in the hundreds not thousands but I guess u just feel shiok…

Ok I just saved $1 šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚

Macaroni for dinner tonight. My MIL asked no1 what she wanted and she said macaroni šŸ™„

What to do she's the favorite…I dunno what my MIL's son will react though he hardly eats macaroni for dinner cos he needs his greens…


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