So beautiful! This is a mummy photographing her daughter as Disney princesses. Best of all she comes in too, usually as the villain. Checkout @disneyinspiredphoto on Instagram!

This is so amazing! The love and effort that she puts in.

1 positive is better than 10 negatives at helping children learn better



Didi came back with a goodie bag today! It's his classmate's birthday and it had such cute things inside.

This was all in Japanese and I figured it was some sticker or something. When I opened it, it turned out to be mosquito patches haha!

Quite a useful present!

The bag also had a mini minions roller set. Good for practicing grip and hand eye coordination!

It's a little tricky to use but the boy loves it he has rolled 3 pieces of paper so far…


Hahahaha derpy face

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