Walked along Telok Ayer street and it's really a microcosm of Singapore packed into that small area. There's a temple, mosque and Indian heritage Centre. There are coffee shops with ceiling fans whirling lazily side by side with hipster coffee joints charging a bomb for the same caffeine fix.

And SKP in the middle of it all, with its "happy birthday Singapore!" decor all ready to inspire people to decorate their homes.

Makes me happy to see everything!

Found this silly CD that we lost a few weeks back. Already paid the fine and lost fee so this is ours. Sigh.

Sometimes I feel so irritated by their carelessness.

Currently trending on my Facebook feed… PSLE revamp! Gotta read it carefully for no1.

Can study means can study, cannot also cannot force. Godliness most important.

(Better remind myself each time I go through her worksheets…)

Hahaha! I honestly don't know where she gets all these ideas from.

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