Today's devotional reading.

What does it mean to know God "more than our personal savior"?

This part is quite thought provoking- the need is not the same as the call.
I wonder if we are called to different things at different parts of our life? Like now my calling is to be a mother. And everything I do is to prepare my children to accept the Lord?

This requires discernment which I sorely lack in…so many things I think I can do, if only I had the time and energy!

But if I think this way then some things are probably not what God intends me to do?

Wow oral exams are going high tech!

I wonder how it works; do they see someone having a conversation?

Looking cool in his sunnies! Thank God for the strong sun today my laundry is going to smell really nice!

Scooting a little at 22 months. He's a daredevil!

Super bad composition, but I just realized I have 三菜一汤!!!!

I'm on my way to good motherhood!

(Actually I had to cook the pork because my MIL marinated it on sun and it was looking iffy. All the same…😀😀😀)

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