Didi reading about what he will be able to do at Tanjong Pagar railway station when he's 20 years old.

I'll be 50 plus!

Playing with the lights at the exhibition.

Exhibition is kinda a big word for this static display. It's more of a little showcase.

The lights and buttons are probably the highlight. He kept standing there to press them.

Blood pressure slowly rising. P1 homework need to ask questions all the time??? Am I the one doing homework or what?

Why so serious…

Because we're hungry!!!

Went for a quick jaunt ALL BY MYSELF!!!!

Took the train at 740 and it was still so crowded. Man I really didn't enjoy that part of working life; having to squeeze on public transport. The good thing about my job was that i mostly travelled off peak hours though!

Anyway I went to get a gift from Toysrus and I'm so glad I went alone; if the kids were there I would never be able to keep my sanity. I heard a lot of familiar "but I want!!!"s while walking around haha. They sounded EXACTLY like the Queen and Princess.

I think I shall never let them enter toysrus with me. If I have to buy a toy for them I'll do it online or something. I was so distracted myself!

But never say never…

When I was pregnant I would see adults walking ahead and their children lagging behind. In my mind I would go, "tsk so dangerous! What happens if the kid runs away/gets lost/gets kidnapped?"

Now I'm a mom I have had a total change of heart. I finally understand why the adults walk in front.

Because if you make sure you walk behind or next to the child,

You'll never reach your destination.

This is especially true when we go past shops; if they lead we'll forever be stopping and looking.

Ok now that I've said that I must be more conscious of hurrying them all the time. And to give myself 1 extra hour to reach my destination….

This sounds like what handsfreemom would do. Stop and smell the roses, be present etc. very idealistic leh.

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