Having fun at the playground today with 大姐! The good thing about siblings is that they play with each other. And with their age gap (5 years) it's nice cos she's very aware and especially nice to him.

But it's also boring for her, because he can't play at the same level, unlike her sister. She kept wanting to play "house" but he was just interested in walking around and picking dirt off the ground.

The queen's favorite – cheesy baked rice!

Another reason why big age gap is good! 大姐 thinks a book and pencil are the best things since sliced bread and can happily work without me breathing over her neck…

Meantime little pooper is seen fleeing the crime scene after throwing everything on the floor. 😭😂

If they were both the same age I would have twice the mess!! Haha I guess if he was her age I would have no mess though. And she's willing to help me pick up so double win!

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