Hahahaha! I'm reading the Current flavor of the month – Marie Kondo's The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up but this testimonial is making me leery of finishing the book.

Littlest falls asleep when it's time to pick up his jiejies…hai guess he will have to continue sleeping in the car! Wednesdays are always very hectic because of the half day of school. I think it will be the same in Sg because kindys are 3-4hr long, so he'll have to shift his nap time accordingly.

Or maybe my MIL and parents will happily pick up the girls and I will be free muahaha. Nah doubt it though.

Tried @tieponytail's carbonara recipe and it was great! For me, because I'm a cheese lover. The kids and Husband were less receptive though, they said it was too rich for them. Which meant I ate way too much oops.

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