We received the ζ–°ζœ‹ε‹ magazine on Friday and I asked her to do the practice inside. She did it albeit unwillingly.

This evening she is exploring the ezhishi.net website and the same practice appears. I tell her to skip it since she has done it before.

NOOO! I want to do it!

#digitalnatives #aslongasyoudontwatchtv


Just watched a super emotional trailer on CNA insider about families in china having to give up their children during the one child policy.

CNA always knows how to tug on our heartstrings…

This one 😭😭

Friday is filled with promise!

Mainly because Didi Is still sleeping πŸŽ‰

I'm happy to have quiet time when the older 2 are in school and Didi is still eyes closed. It gives me time to rest and reflect before the day starts.

No2 is having her first CCA lesson today. She didn't get swimming which was her first choice but she is looking forward to drawing instead! I hope she doesn't get lost looking for the art room! They have teachers to bring them but

One mom told me a girl still managed to wander away from the teachers πŸ˜‚ I can just imagine this lost p1 walking up and down the corridors oblivious to the adults frantically looking for her!

But if they're in school it should be quite safe lah.

So far we did a science experiment, paw patrol puzzle and sequencing season cards.

I'm so bored already!!

Dug out a painting activity which has got to do with apples…


I got this 2? Or 3 years back…dunno if the company is still in business πŸ˜…

(Edited: they are still in business! Check out thoughtful box on Facebook I think each set is about 30-40ish)

Our red yarn "apple". Very messy so Didi didn't like it but ok lah it's quite sensory and soothing for me.

Everyone is talking abt the demise of dayre and backing up their posts.

I'm trying this documents app by readdle and it's been great for converting proper websites to PDF but the dayre website always has all these HTML links scribbled all over.

And I realized I've been using this since 2013 😱 my littlest grew up here I guess I have to back up my photos because I realize dayre doesn't auto save into your camera roll

Got this in my email and was like "I NEED THIS"

Clicked on it and…

This appeared 😭😭😭

Is it my destiny to drown in toy clutter?

Anyway, just a #PSA! Download the bake app and you can redeem 3 FREE/GRATIS!/免费!cheese tarts on your birthday! (Or till 7 days after)

I was quite doubtful but the whole process was very fuss free. Also helps that they're manned by young happening people who have no problem scanning QR codes

If you do download the app, use this promo code ok? Xie xie kamsia.

And as usual my favorite Kikki K sent a 10 voucher for birthday use. This is better than the anniversary one because you can use it to buy items which are discounted!

Sadly the discounted items in Jan are all christmas-y stuff but I got wrapping paper plus some notecards.

Flipping through the Philips Capital calendar and the quotes are quite…interesting? Quirky? Trying too hard to fit?

January's I can understand – "diversification is key" because after all it's finance and you're not supposed to put your eggs in one basket.

Feb's is "Not every lake dreams to be an ocean" ηŸ₯袳常乐?

This to me is a bit off for a calendar from a finance company haha. It's a bit like δΈεœ¨δΉŽε€©ι•Ώεœ°δΉ…θΏ™η§ζ›Ύη»ζ‹₯ζœ‰ feels…so if you lose your money at least you had some once…

Haha so pleased that my teeth no longer have funny tea stains! Went to the dentist my parents visit; he's in Hougang and his rates are super affordable; I paid 50 for scaling and polishing.

The visit is very chopchop and he was done in 20 minutes!

The clinic is no frills (it looks like it hasn't been renovated since it opened haha) but my mom mentioned that he does free dental work for the elderly so should support!

Putting his address here so I don't forget

This is me today.

And it's the start of no1's CCA, which means an extra pickup! Hope the clouds come later.

But not rain. Just clouds can already.


In other news, it's a perfect day for ice cream though! I am eating a magnum mini while typing this πŸ˜‹

We actually walked home today! Thank God it was cloudy for awhile.

Time taken – 20 minutes. Very fast right???

This girl loves her chicken wings deep deep.

But this lunch stretched from 245-4pm. And she still hadn't finished.

I am serving dinner at 630pm. How to eat?? I actually wanted to do 6 but I doubt she has appetite.

The other 2 are starving though so we'll see. Just cooking spaghetti with sausages so very fast and fuss free

The madness that is Phoon Huat with their 10% off! The clementi outlet is really cramped with lots of goods around

Result of moving house – I find a huge bag of girl clothes that someone passed to me. Some are still too big but this bling-y navy dress is right up my princess daughter's alley.

Too bad we don't have any formal dinners to attend anything soon and it's too thick to wear for new year visitation. Maybe I'll let her wear it to Gardens by the Bay to take pictures haha.

Every morning I stumble out into the hall bleary eyed and half awake to plait No2's hair. I tell myself to go back to sleep after that but tying her hair requires a lot of brain juice on my part and by the end of it I'm awake.

Awake, but not alert. So I do low level stuff like play with my phone or laundry or just staring out the window and notice the cars all piling up along the expressway.

But it's Friday today so hooray no sleep also can survive.

It is also meet the teachers session for no1 tonight and I'm strangely nervous about it.

"I feel like I'm going matchmaking!" I tell the Husband. "I need to make contacts with the other parents so I can know what's going on in class! What if they're a pack already?"

Is this helicopter parenting? Or just over anxious mum talking? The Husband just told me to relax and be sociable but there must be some delicate balance to break into the whatsapp chat group haha

The teachers have been more than helpful (via email) but seriously if you want to know what's happening in a school get into a whatsapp chat group. They may spam you with lots of messages and other random stuff but you will know the detailed inner workings of the system.

So yes, fingers crossed that I'll meet nice people who I can click with and have another person to ask when my daughter shrugs and says "dunno" to my questions πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Watching toggle catch-up "designer in the house" and it's so interesting! But can 50k really do so much?? Or is it just for Reno and doesn't include furniture and electric stuff?

Hah ok it was 68k in the end. But quite worth it because they had a cool hidden door and lots of hacking! #dayrehomes

Not bad not bad the seating at the hall is by class so I'm surrounded by all the potential parent friends hahaha

Yay! Everyone is really nice! Mission accomplished I got added into the whatsapp chat group 😎😎