Back to school runs!
Woke up at 530 but went back to sleep at 7 haha.

Here's to a more productive term!

Auntydom level up.
I bought the Galbani cheese cos I thought the pizza board was quite ok, then the promoter told me if I buy 4 packets he will throw in extra cheddar.

So I bought 4 packets of mozzarella/emmental and went back with my receipt. He gave me 2 packs with cheddar and asked "够吗?"

I said 如果我说不够怎么样
Then he told the auntie to give me one more packet. This promo is crazy!

(But also till today that's why I think he's so shuang kuai)

Total spent – 10.50 💪

Oh but a caveat- the sample cheese is expiring this month. That's why it's so cheap.

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