morning entertainment

Finding puzzles.

This is a very nice series which has color and stickers for spot the hidden pictures. They have 4 books in this series and there are short stories inside as well.

The older ones are green with envy because they find it very attractive but I told them that this is "didi's homework" and they cannot do it. πŸ˜‚

They have a bilingual puzzle book for older children but that is all black and white and harder to spot.

3sgd per book, I bought in Tesco Malaysia!

After spending 1 hour 😴😴😴 on the book I finally decided to give myself a break by letting him watch some chinese YouTube videos.

This is really basic but I love Sesame Street and it sorta helps him learn words so can pass. Also only 9 minutes plus so you can watch less episodes…

There's also ε·§θ™Ž but the joker doesn't like it because it's not so interesting.

this is another favorite! Some "science" haha can you tell I'm trying to over justify my laziness.

The Husband is working late tonight and I had to solo parent them from 8pm onwards cos my MIL had to leave. So thankful that she stayed and cooked dinner and helped me wash up; all I had to do was mop the floor and get them settled for bed.

The children were extra sweet today and didn't fight. YOU KNOW ITS A MIRACLE WHEN NO VOICES ARE RAISED! πŸ™πŸ™

Their tower rocket dunno what.

But yes, I am very thankful that they had a long day and can sleep quickly.

Time check 1046pm

The 2 older ones who need to sleep the most are still awake cos they're SCARED.

Eyes rolling until i can see my brains. There's a night light, 3 people in the room (Didi is extra protection) and still can't sleep.

Now I'm sitting here in the dark spoiling my eyes.


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