sisters in learning and sisters at heart

Took 132 to revisit my youth.

I FELT ANCIENT…there were all giggly girls and gawky guys. Gosh it felt just like yesterday that I was taking the bus to school fighting to keep my eyes awake.

Now I could be their mother…


Walking to school.

20 odd years ago, the trees were shorter.

When it was raining, we would have to be vigilant while walking because if the cars drove near the side

SPLASH and we would get soaked.

I wonder if it's still the same now?

The chaos in the canteen.

It was dark and hot and loud but everyone was very excited.

There were even prefects cheering and people filming. (Nobody cheered along I think ha)

Another thing different – they no longer cheer in a manly voice! It's a lot of high pitched screaming in between the familiar cheers.

My friend said, "Must be the metoo movement we must reclaim back our womenhood. Be better than men not act like that."

Haha we're still the same nonsensical people.

The classroom block. Everything looks a little worn and worse for wear. I guess it's because they're moving so there's no incentive to repaint.

There was a "new" block of container classrooms though.

(I put new because it wasn't there 20 years ago, but it might be more than 10 years old šŸ¤£)

Also "new" was the running track! No more running around the campus for 2.4 and getting lost.

We used to play volleyball and this was our corner.

The volleyballs were locked in this sad rusty once green ball cage. And worse….

Our volleyball court is GONE!

There used to be a basketball court, volleyball court and netball court placed side by side. Now all 3 are netball courts.

We were speculating that it was because we didn't deliver the medals hahaha!

But the bball girls were champions and went to nationals so that can't be it right.

There are still tennis and squash courts though! Tennis is such a rich kid least in Sg.

It was such a walk down nostalgia lane. Met a few other friends and it's nice we can all still recognize each other!

We were all exclaiming how each other's life seemed more exciting. I guess this is human nature, to always covert.

One friend is now a scientist at A star and she says she would rather have my "tai tai" life. And I suppose it is, because I don't post pictures of scrubbing laundry, walking under the hot sun to pick kids or ironing all the mountain of uniforms.

But I do admit, I have a good life. I don't have to worry about finances (for my basic needs), I get to stay at home and watch my children grow up, I have good health (generally) and I have a loving husband (most of the time).

So this is what I have to remember, when I see people having exciting careers, go out for dinners and dates and/or keep buying luxury items and just having the time of their lives.

Our lives are enough for us.

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