The weekend beckons

So it’s Friday and I feel like it started off on a good note because I…


I invited my friends over for dinner and we were just talking about life and everything. Now that we’re parents, conversations revolve around children etc. This year my friend’s daughter is in p1 and because they stay quite far away from the school, the girl has to wake up at 530am and catch the bus at 615 😨

Me: “So what time do you wake up?”

Him:”Oh I wake up at 5 but R (his wife) wakes up at 430.”

“430?!? Why?”

R: “I need to wake up early so that I can exercise if not there isn’t any other time to do it! When do you exercise then?”

Me: “I don’t…hahaha”

So yes, now we know why she’s still so svelte after 3 kids while I am a blimp…

Don’t know if I can keep this up (I woke up at 6, helped the Husband get the kids up and tied No2’s hair before doing to workout) but something is always better than nothing!

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