Wow this weBlogIt is fast…lemme go see how it's like now haha

Bleach I can't even log in

Bought asparagus and now I can't decide how to cook them! Sauté? Steam? Bake? Grill?

They look like little snakes sssss

So anyway my friend asked if my kids would like to be photographed in cheongsams. I agreed cos she said I would get to keep the outfit heh heh.

These are some of the pictures and I love them! We did it at my friend's place and she had all these cool props.

The cheongsam are quite traditional but they have a nice cutting and the arm holes aren't too big.

They have adult ones too but errrr I don't have cheongsam body so nevermind!

Anyway I'm super impressed by this!!!!

A cheongsam with pants! And POCKETS.

"Deep enough to put smartphone" the girl assured me.

Sigh if only I could love fashion more and food less.

So yes, do visit goldenscissorcheongsam on IG or better, go to their shop at People's Park and buy. Not sure about their prices but…

Pockets! Pants! Cool cutting!

Fave is having a deal on Snacky chips!!


My way of keeping dayre alive – baking recipes I just discovered from a dayrean who isn't writing anymore…

@Joey_eat_fit_play 's banana Nutella muffins. Because I need to finish my bananas and Nutella.

Because I don't want to pack too.

Because because…

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