Mid week and it's the busiest day!

No1 started her conversational Malay class today. It's an MOE initiative for p3 students to learn another language, so chinese students can take Malay and Malay/Tamil students can learn Chinese.

I think she would have had more opportunity to practice in Cantonment because her current school has very few Malay students. But I think she has one or two in her class so I told her to practice with them!

The textbook is very colorful and cute! I wonder how the chinese one is like shall go google

Can't find a picture of the chinese textbook but here's an article about this program!


I wonder why the school above engaged external trainers though? Was it to protect their teachers from being overworked? I have no idea if my girl's teacher is from the school or hired externally.

Notwithstanding the usual national education messages about racial harmony and etc, I really appreciate this initiative. In the past you couldn't take a 3rd Lang unless you did really well for PSLE, and then it was examinable and stressful.

So this is nice, like a fun fun thing (I HOPE) and she can make friends with people from other classes and order stuff when we go Malaysia!

The only thing is she does come back tired…

And her piano teacher can only teach her on Wednesday 😞

So have to monitor and hope that she can cope!

And that I won't go mad picking and sending them back and forth

Currently wed is –

Morning do chores
Send no3 to school
Immediately walk over to pick no2 up and chat with no1 for awhile at the playground
Send no2 home and give her lunch
Pick no1 up 1 hour later and feed her a snack
Make both nap
Pick no3 1 hour later
Chase no3 home after playing at playground
Come home wake girls up, prepare for piano teacher to come
Piano lesson over/ cook dinner
Watch children eat.
Make them washup and sleep

Hmm looking for spring cleaning options for mattress and sofa. Saw this company advertising on Facebook so messaged them.

How are the rates? Good? Chop carrot head?

Anyone has any lobangs? #dayrehomes

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