Got this in my email and was like "I NEED THIS"

Clicked on it and…

This appeared 😭😭😭

Is it my destiny to drown in toy clutter?

Anyway, just a #PSA! Download the bake app and you can redeem 3 FREE/GRATIS!/免费!cheese tarts on your birthday! (Or till 7 days after)

I was quite doubtful but the whole process was very fuss free. Also helps that they're manned by young happening people who have no problem scanning QR codes

If you do download the app, use this promo code ok? Xie xie kamsia.

And as usual my favorite Kikki K sent a 10 voucher for birthday use. This is better than the anniversary one because you can use it to buy items which are discounted!

Sadly the discounted items in Jan are all christmas-y stuff but I got wrapping paper plus some notecards.

Flipping through the Philips Capital calendar and the quotes are quite…interesting? Quirky? Trying too hard to fit?

January's I can understand – "diversification is key" because after all it's finance and you're not supposed to put your eggs in one basket.

Feb's is "Not every lake dreams to be an ocean" 知足常乐?

This to me is a bit off for a calendar from a finance company haha. It's a bit like 不在乎天长地久这种曾经拥有 feels…so if you lose your money at least you had some once…

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