My 10 minutes of me time.

Spending it sitting in the old school lounge chair, drinking my shake and enjoying the peace.

Gotta plan for meals this week but today is settled because my MIL cooked black vinegar ribs! Actually my meal plan revolves around finishing the food that she cooked during the weekend haha.

This weekend she cooked
1. Roast pork
2. Chicken rice
3. Salmon

I think that can last us for at least 3 lunches!

And the fontignac cast iron pot is finally used! One good thing about moving is that some things surface into the light of day 😂

I bought this like 2 or 3 years ago and never touched it because I just didn't know what to cook in it. I wanted to do beef stew but I figured that the slow cooker was more suitable. So finally my MIL buay tahan my wishywashy ways and took it to cook the ribs.

I don't think I can buy LC pots; the price tag makes me shudder and then I feel so reluctant to use them in case they get spoilt. So good that my MIL led the way!

Same goes for my kitchenaid; it's not used by me because I just don't know what justifies the use….my handheld mixer is easier to wash 😳

Still new and shiny…

Am I the only one like this???

the piano teacher asked me what my plans for no1 was in terms of exams. She said she was planning for her to take grade 2 in 2019. I counter proposed and said what about oct 2018 cos if she wanted to join certain ccas she would need the cert.

But now I'm not so certain because school seems a little unpredictable; should I just let her take it next year instead? So I'm looking for a secondhand copy of the exam pieces to see see first. Anyone has and wants to sell?


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