Happiness is when you see everyone engaged during Sunday school! I hope they remember what we've learnt though πŸ˜…

Waiting for someone to pick up my bathtub. It's super new and has no mold at all.

Goodbye Stokke foldable tub. You were a nice to have but my children have outgrown you (even though they insisted they still want it! NEED it!when I took it out to list for sale)

Thought I should note it down. Today No2 missed her nap and basically turned into emo queen.

So she wanted to watch TV after dinner and I said she had to revise her 听写 first. She didn't know how to sound out the HYPY and started weeping while doing it and the Husband got so annoyed that he told her to stop and go to sleep instead.

So this turned into full blown wailing and hyperventilating which culminated into a whole monologue about how she's worried she'll fail, she's dumb yadda yadda

Because I had eaten and was less emo, I decided to go pacify her and pat her to sleep. (Poor No2 really does get neglected😳) Then I told her about how we should think positively instead of always dwelling on the bad side of things and she said,

"I'm not a positive girl. I'm a poison girl." (Cues fresh bout of tears.)

So I prayed with her and told her how Jesus can make us a new creature and that we can change with his power.

Then she said, "But I'm not beautiful I'm ugly."


Ok. It's me. 😞😞😞

So by this time I realize whatever I say is not going into her overloaded brain…and I guess the best course of action is to pat her to sleep so she can rest.

And give me time to 反醒 on what I say to my children when I'm angry. Because 10 beautiful and encouraging words are wiped out by 1 hurtful remark.

Hmm is that negative thinking? πŸ˜‚

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